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Deepwater Horizon 2016 Full Movie HD Free Download 1080p

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Cast:  Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell, Douglas M. Griffin

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

Description: Deepwater Horizon 2016 Full Movie HD Free Download 1080p

On April 20, 2010, Deepwater Horizon, an oil drilling ship operated by private contractor Transocean, is set to begin drilling off the southern coast of Louisiana on behalf of BP. Crew members Michael “Mike” Williams (Mark Wahlberg) and his superior, James “Jimmy” Harrell (Kurt Russell), are surprised to learn that the workers assigned to pour the concrete foundation intended to keep the well stable are being sent home early without conducting a pressure test, at the insistence of BP liaison Donald Vidrine (John Malkovich). While Mike preps the drilling team, including Caleb Holloway (Dylan O’Brien), Harrell meets with Vidrine and persuades him to conduct a test, which only serves to weaken the already-crumbling foundation further. Without waiting for Harrell to confirm the results, Vidrine orders the well to be opened. At first, the operation goes smoothly, but the foundation eventually gives way, triggering a massive blowout that nearly kills the entire drilling crew.
A chain of equipment malfunctions, coupled with a failed attempt to seal the well, ignites the oil, killing 11 workers. Andrea Fleytas (Gina Rodriguez), the rig’s navigation officer, tries to alert the Coast Guard, but her superior overrides her on the grounds that the rig is not in any imminent danger. With oil leaking into the ocean, a frightened pelican flies into the bridge of a nearby vessel, which heads towards the rig just as the workers begin a frantic evacuation. Harrell, still alive, although badly injured in the explosion, is rescued by Mike and assumes control of the situation, only to realize that the rig cannot be saved. Dale Burkeen, a close friend of Mike’s sacrifices himself to keep the burning crane from collapsing onto the surviving crew, while Mike and Caleb are able to retrieve Vidrine and get him to safety.
As night falls and the burning oil lights up the area, the Coast Guard becomes aware of the incident and sends a ship to collect the survivors. With all the lifeboats full, Mike locates the emergency life raft, but it becomes separated from the rig before he and Andrea can board, causing the latter to suffer a panic attack. Just as the oil in the well itself ignites and destroys the rig, the two jump into the water and are picked up by rescuers.
Returned home, the workers reunite with their families in a hotel lobby, during which a relative of one of the deceased confronts Mike for failing to save him, resulting in Mike having a panic attack with his wife by his side. The film ends with a series of clips showing the aftermath of the disaster, including testimony from the real-life Mike Williams and the revelation that not a single employee of either Transocean or BP was prosecuted for their actions. Deepwater Horizon 2016 Full Movie HD Free Download 1080p