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Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi
Cast: Amy Adams as Louise Banks, a linguist. Jeremy Renner as Ian Donnelly, a military theoretical physicist. Forest Whitaker as Colonel GT Weber, a senior US military officer. Michael Stuhlbarg as Agent David Halpern. Tzi Ma as General Shang. Mark O’Brien as Captain Marks.
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Description: Arrival 2016 Full Movie Free Download

In what transpires to be a flashforward, linguist Louise Banks is caring for her daughter Hannah, who dies during adolescence from cancer. In the present, while Louise is at work lecturing, 12 extraterrestrial spacecraft appear across the Earth. US Army Colonel Weber asks her to join a team, with physicist Ian Donnelly, to find out why they have come. They make contact with two seven-limbed aliens, which they call “heptapods” and Ian nicknames Abbott and Costello. Louise discovers that the aliens have a written language of complicated circular symbols, and she begins to learn the symbols that correspond to a basic vocabulary. As she becomes more proficient, she starts to see and dream images of herself with her daughter.

Arrival 2016 Full Movie Free Download
When Louise is able to ask what the aliens want, they answer: “offer weapon”. A similar translation “use weapon” is received by one of the other sites. Fear of a potential threat from the aliens leads other nations to close down communications, and some prepare their military for attack. However, Louise thinks that the symbol for “weapon” might have an alternative translation such as “tool”.
Rogue soldiers plant explosives in the spacecraft. Unaware, Louise and Ian are in the craft, as the aliens give them a larger image with many language symbols. Costello leaves just before the device explodes, but Abbott stays and pushes Louise and Ian out of the chamber as the explosive goes off; they both awaken in the camp with concussions. The spacecraft moves away higher into the sky.
Ian works out that the symbols relate to the concept of time, and that it was one-twelfth of the whole “gift”; they conclude that the aliens must want nations to cooperate.

Arrival 2016 Full Movie Free Download
Meanwhile, China prepares its attack. Louise rushes back to the spacecraft she’s been studying, which sends down a shuttle to take her inside. She meets Costello, who communicates that Abbott is dying. Louise asks about her visions of a daughter, and Costello explains that she is seeing the future, revealing to her that her “visions” are not flashbacks but flashforwards. Costello also communicates that they have come to help humanity by sharing their language, which is the “weapon” or “tool”, because it changes the perception of time. The aliens already know that in 3000 years, they will need humanity’s help.

Arrival 2016 Full Movie Free Download
Louise returns as the camp is being evacuated. She has a new vision of being at a future United Nations reception, being thanked by General Shang for convincing him to suspend the Chinese attack. He explains that she had called his private telephone; he shows her its number, which he says he knows he must do, without understanding why. In the present, Louise steals a satellite phone and calls Shang, but realizes that although she speaks Mandarin, she does not know what to say. Her vision continues with Shang explaining that she had convinced him by repeating his wife’s last words, which he tells Louise. After the Chinese attack is called off, the other nations resume contact, and the spacecraft exit Earth.

Arrival 2016 Full Movie Free Download
When packing to leave the camp, Ian admits his love for Louise. They discuss life choices, and whether they would change them if they knew the future. Louise foresees that Ian will father her daughter Hannah, whose name is an intentional palindrome, and also his asking her if she wants to make the baby. She already knows she will agree, wanting to share her life with her future child, despite seeing that Hannah is destined to die as a young adult, and that Ian will leave her when he eventually discovers the truth.

Arrival 2016 Full Movie Free Download